Struggling with brand identity chaos across touchpoints?

Houndly™ helps established brands, crafting a cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints. From printed materials like brochures & publications to digital content on social media, online templates and presentations. Stop losing business due to brand identity confusion. Boost trust & sales with a consistent brand across all platforms.

Established brands: say hello to your new brand guardian

Houndly™ crafts a cohesive look across all platforms, boosting trust & sales. Print, digital, websites, social – we harmonise your brand identity.

Do you have an established brand?

Struggling with brand inconsistency that’s confusing your audience and hurting sales? We’ll help you connect with your customers & build trust across all touchpoints.

Are you a Creative and/or Art Director?

Overwhelmed with design revisions & preparing files for despatch? With 35+ years of advertising experience, we’re here to polish your concepts and create finished art.

Get to know your best brand buddy

We’re brand guardians

We protect your brand identity, building loyalty that lasts.

We’re sticklers for detail

Consistent, high-quality design across all print & digital collateral.

We’re thinkers and doers

We offer practical solutions that connect people, products & services.

We really care

Each task gets our unconditional love and unwavering attention.

Consistent branding builds trust and brand recognition, leading to higher sales and customer loyalty. Extract: “Brand Consistency Could Be Your Biggest Asset”, Forbes 2023.

About Houndly: a trusted partner

Led by Kath Farley, our Houndly™ team is dedicated to creating unified content, including brand style guides, assets, and extensive print and digital materials. With a focus on cohesive graphic design, Houndly™ advocates for businesses, fostering lasting loyalty across diverse industries.

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